Brian C (sncsfldinplnvw) wrote in suchprettyw0rds,
Brian C

This is an original, steal lines if you'd like!

Think of me while you fall asleep, so i can be the boy of your dreams.
Longing stronger goodbyes, and the right words to say.
Such a sudden rush to my heart, it almost bursts with joy.
Listening so content to others words flow from my mouth.
All this for a chance to get into your arms...
Well past loves burn like a brand
while new ones start blossoming
I'd border these states and travel these phone lines
just for a day with such a sweet princess..
I heard once that if you close your eyes
and wish hard enough, it will come true.
You must be getting closer
because there is a blinding light directed at me.
When I keep this need in my thoughts,
I almost feel your breath on my cheek,
though its just a spring breeze caressing my vulnerable skin.
So what will I feel as I stroke your hair,
and whisper my sweet confessions into your ear?
If it's strength is anything like your voice, I fold.
Those soft, enchanting eyes will put me at ease,
while you've weakened my voice with a touch.
I feel this may be my flatline.
Their voices shout "we're losing him, clear!",
but I know that if i've got you, this will be a beautiful demise.
Lay your beauty like flowers on my bed,
and this pillow will make a lovely tombstone...
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